What is Player ROI?

What it means

Best Bang for the Buck
Good Bargain
Earned Their Keep
Really Overpaid

How it's calculated

What NBA players are producing the most bang for the buck for their teams in the playoffs? Player ROI, or return on investment, compares players' game performance to their salaries to find out.

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For basketball, we use Game Score, a widely-followed statistic tracked by Basketball-Reference.com. It uses a weighted average of points, assists, rebounds, steals and blocked shots, as well as missed shots, personal fouls and turnovers.

Although missed shots, fouls and turnovers count against a player, he can't receive a negative ROI; instead he is assigned a 0. A “–“ in the ROI column means a team member did not play in the game.

In the Playoffs tab, a player's ROI reflects his cumulative Game Score and salary as well as the number of games his team has played.

Game and player data provided by STATS LLC Copyright 2016. Salary is based on the average annual salary of a player's contract as tracked by Spotrac.

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